A How-to Guide for Husbands and Fathers

After listening to motivational speakers and challenging sermons, I was roused to action - only to be disappointed by a lack of how-to Christian resources.

I've spent years observing men spiritually lead their families and studying scripture to understand what the Lord asks of husbands and fathers.

I've experimented with different ways to engage my wife and kids - some worked and some failed miserably.

It has been a long road, and the journey has led to Leading Well at Home.

- Eric Rutherord, Author

Leading well at home will show you how to:

  • be a man after God's own heart - no matter where your heart is right now
  • intentionally love, serve and cherish your wife - no matter the state of your marriage right now
  • emotionally, purposefully and spiritually connect with your children - no matter what your family is like right now

For a man to improve, he needs both motivation and directions. Eric's writing offers both. He includes clear directives from Scripture that provide every man with a plan. His use of personal stories let you know that he's been on this journey and wants to support you. Every man must read this book! "

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